15 Jan 2018
January 15, 2018

Reactive Tax Codes – check for W1 M1

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Reactive Tax Codes Since April 2017 HMRC have introduced reactive tax codes, which means if changes occur in your income your tax code is likely to be changed more quickly than in the past. This has been made possible since Real Time Information was introduced, which means employers tell the HMRC exactly what staff have.. read more →

Sage 50c Accounts v24.1 is scheduled for release on Monday 11th December 2017. If you are on a Sage Subscription sage will be offering you this upgrade through the automatic updates over the next few weeks.  Sage will be monitoring the installations and customer’s experience over this time. This update makes some improvements to the.. read more →

04 Dec 2017
December 4, 2017

Why use Access Rights in Sage 50?

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If you have a single user version of Sage 50 and you are the only one who uses it, you may have been unaware of the capability of adding a password to your system.  If you are a sole user of the system it isn’t so important, but I meet many companies where multiple staff.. read more →

27 Nov 2017
November 27, 2017

Sage 50 Accounts 2018 – New Features

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Sage 50 Accounts Version 24 (or 2018) was released in September 2017, but many people who pay for Sage’s subscription services won’t have upgraded to the latest version yet.  To help you decide if it is worth it for you to upgrade your system, then here is a brief overview of the new features.  Make.. read more →

01 Nov 2017
November 1, 2017

Sage 50 and GoCardless Integration

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In the past, direct debits used to be something only larger companies could use, and something you associate with paying utility bills or insurance.  They just cost small businesses too much to set up as only the big banks had the technology to generate the Direct Debit Mandates. GoCardless have a system which allows small.. read more →

Does deleting transactions in Sage WIND YOU UP ? Traditionally in Sage if you wanted to correct any errors you needed to be the only one logged in to the system. So when you accidentally post a transaction in Sage to the wrong bank account or choose the wrong supplier or customer account on a.. read more →

Updated Rates Under the Pensions Act 2008, the minimum amounts paid into automatic enrolment pension schemes are increasing for employers and their staff. The increases occur in two phases – the first increase needs to be made by 6 April 2018 and the second needs to be in place for 6 April 2019. Every time.. read more →

In July 2017 we had reports from some customers that when they tried to print an invoice or statement, Sage 50 just shut down (with no error message), or they got an error message ‘SBDDesktop.exe has stopped working’.  This was caused by a Microsoft security update which clashed with Sage and caused the problem.  We would.. read more →

When you use Sage 50 Accounts and exit the software you are always asked “Would you like to check your data before you back up?  Do you always say yet to this?  If you don’t then you really should. If you want to find out more information about what to do if you have data.. read more →

I was doing the bookkeeping for a client today using Sage Instant Account 2014, and we needed to run the year end process in Sage.  Unfortunately on clicking Run Year End the sage stopped working with a not very helpful error message of “SBDDesktop.exe has stopped working” and the system closed down Sage. On restarting.. read more →