If you are about to relocate your company (whether it is within the same building, or across the country) Silicon Bullet can manage the entire project for you. This includes everything from moving the IT equipment, to moving the office furniture, we can even arrange help with the packing. This means that not only can we move your equipment more safely, but part of the service also includes racking the servers and connecting all PC’s to your network (LAN and/or WAN) at the other end!

As a commitment to quality of service, all moves are supervised by at least one certified IT professional on site at both ends. Certified IT professionals with current experience of top brands carry out all PC/server installations.

Prior to any move, extensive planning is done with your IT staff/Management team to ensure complete consensus on all issues, and you will be kept updated with all aspects of the move.

Cabling at the new site can be installed by us prior to any move. This can include new data cabling (fully tested, certified and warrantied), power ring mains and new lighting circuits. We can also arrange for new Phone lines (PSTN, ISDN and ADSL), as well and phone number redirection or transfer of non geographical numbers.

Insurance for all hardware being moved will be covered as part of our service (we assume data is backed up prior to servers being shut down in preparation for the move so data is not insured by us), although we can carry out data backup for you.

Services Include:

  • Project Management.
  • New or Relocating Network Points.
  • New or Relocating Telephone Points.
  • New or Relocating Power Points.
  • Floor Box Relocation/Installation.
  • New or Transferred Telephone Lines.
  • Moving of IT Equipment
  • Moving Office Furniture.
  • Adding Additional Data/Telecom/Power Points.
  • Crate Hire and Packing Service.
  • Installing Partitions. Ceilings and flooring.

Please contact us for further details or with any questions you may have.

*References can be obtained from current clients if desired.