Does deleting transactions in Sage WIND YOU UP ?

Traditionally in Sage if you wanted to correct any errors you needed to be the only one logged in to the system. So when you accidentally post a transaction in Sage to the wrong bank account or choose the wrong supplier or customer account on a multi user system you would have to kick everyone out of the system to make an error correction. I know with my clients there is often that call of ‘Can everyone come out of Sage please?’ as even with the best will in the world we all make mistakes.

Well with the latest version of Sage 50 you can now do concurrent error corrections – which in plain terms means someone else can be logged in getting on with their job whilst you make the error correction.

This was brought in with the update to Version 23.2.

if you are still using an older version of Sage and need help with your upgrade, or you’d like to learn about the new features, then get in touch.

If you take a look at the Sage Tips tag on blog you can find lots more tips and tricks to improve your use of Sage 50 software.


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