23 Oct 2015
October 23, 2015

Talk Talk Security Issues

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So you are a Talk Talk customer, and you heard on the news today that they have suffered from a cyber attack, but what does that mean to you?  What do you actually need to do? At the moment the attack is being investigated and they really still don’t know what information might have been.. read more →

23 Oct 2015
October 23, 2015

Xero Password Change

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This is not the first time I have had to do a post warning about Phishing from a reputable company, and I am sure it won’t be the last. Xero Important information – password reset As Xero mentioned in their recent email they have seen an increase in phishing scams, including some that have impersonated.. read more →

29 Nov 2013
November 29, 2013

HMRC and Gateway Virus messages.


I have noticed over the last few weeks an increase in the number of fake messages which claim to come from the HMRC or Government Gateway and look at first glance quite realistic. They have a realistic return address such as noreply@hmrc.gov.uk or gateway.confirmation@gateway.gov.uk, but also have an attachment which is zipped up, which is.. read more →