Sage are now encouraging customers to subscribe to their software rather than buy the software in the old fashioned way of purchasing a DVD.  With the new subscription service you either pay an annual fee via direct debit, often with a significant discount, or you can pay monthly.

The issue several of our customers have had however is once they have signed up for the subscription, the area on the website where you can then download your software is quite well hidden.  After my 2nd enquiry from a customer in 2 weeks I thought a blog post might be in order to explain where you can find your software !

My Sage

The first step is to log into your My Sage area.  this is where you can access the details about your subscriptions, see your serial numbers and activation keys for installation and download the software.  You need to use the same email address you gave to subscribe to your software, and you can set up your My Sage area if you have never used it before.  You need to know either your Account Number and Post Code or the serial number of your older software to set up your log in.

Products and Services

Once in the My Sage area the Products and Services area should give you a list of all expired and active software subscriptions you currently have.  If you subscription is not showing here then you will need to contact Sage Customer Support directly to find out why.  In the left hand column your serial numbers will be listed in green (removed from the screenshot as confidential)

Products and Services

Products and Services

You can click on the serial number to open another screen with all the details about that particular subscription, with your Activation Key, required to start using the program once installed.

Finding the Download

At the bottom of this page is a link to Upgrade my software or Download, but this takes you to further screens which over complicate what you are looking for.  We recommend you instead go to Support at the middle top of the screen, and choose Download software and updates.


You will then need to choose from the drop down menu which software you wish to download, Sage 50, Instant Accounts, or Payroll.  One word of warning, at the time of writing this post Sage 50 Accounts  Essentials is still listed under the Sage Instant Accounts in this option, which was a little confusing.

Download Options

Download Options

Then you will find your subscription software to download under the Subscription Downloads section.

Subscription Downloads

Subscription Downloads

Click on the green down arrow on the right of the page to download your software.

Need more Help?

If you are struggling to download and install the software yourself then we at Silicon Bullet would be very happy to help and advice you, especially if you have chosen not to take out Sage Cover with your software.  We can also advise you on the best software subscription for your company and would be very happy to arrange your subscription for you too.  Just get in touch with Alison or Paul.


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