In July 2017 we had reports from some customers that when they tried to print an invoice or statement, Sage 50 just shut down (with no error message), or they got an error message ‘SBDDesktop.exe has stopped working’.  This was caused by a Microsoft security update which clashed with Sage and caused the problem.  We would always recommend doing Microsoft updates as these are vital for you to keep your computer systems secure, but Sage has now released an update to the Sage 50 software which should fix this issue.

To access the knowledge base article with full instructions and links to the update downloads, dependent on which version of Sage 50 you have installed, then please click on this link to the Sage Knowledgebase.

We also noted at Silicon Bullet, that although we use Sage 50 ourselves and have automatic updates switched on, there was a May update to Sage 50 which has not automatically downloaded which takes you from Version 23.1 to Version 23.2 which you should also download and install.  You can always check your Sage version in Sage Help and About then see if there are other updates by browsing to .

If you need any help or support with your Sage software, including advice on upgrading and refresher training on getting the most out of the newest features, then give Alison a call on 01604 420057.

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