I.T. Consultancy

The pace of technological change is frantic, with faster processors and more sophisticated software being announced at shorter and shorter intervals. Internet registrations continue to rise significantly and electronic commerce is now a reality. Do you find that IT investment is accelerating, yet you are uncertain of what the return is, and indeed how even to measure it?

These types of questions are increasingly being asked by the astute businessman. At Silicon Bullet we have a team of professionally certified IT specialists, who can help you answer these questions, and others like them such as:

  • Are our systems working properly, and can their efficiency be improved cost effectively?
  • Is the business protected from an IT disaster such as virus infection, loss of data or even physical damage?
  • Has the risk to your business from natural disasters such as flood or fire been evaluated and mitigated?
  • How can we improve our business processes and seek new systems to take further advantage of the IT revolution?

If you find yourself asking these questions but are not sure of where to find the answers, then the solution will be found at Silicon Bullet.

The IT health check
We provide an initial half day free consultation at which we will discuss your IT problems and explore areas where improvements can be made, covering both simple and complicated environments, and may include any of the following:

  • LAN and WAN structure (Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks – e.g. a WAN may be needed for multiple site infrastructure)
  • Communications
  • Hardware platforms
  • Disaster recovery and security
  • Application software
  • E-Business and the Internet
  • IT management.

Our review will deliver a no cost, no obligation, written report detailing areas of weakness and make recommendations as to how improvements can be made.

Independent IT advice
Buying a new system can be complicated and has risks attached to it which need to be managed. The key to successful system selection is matching software as closely as possible with your business processes. This inevitably means defining and knowing what these processes are in the first place, and then finding a supplier who you can work with successfully on a sound contractual basis.

At Silicon Bullet we have a well-proven system selection methodology which is designed to:

  • Define your business’s needs
  • Identify appropriate suppliers
  • Evaluate the software fit to your requirements
  • Examine the proposed technology and its value for money
  • Negotiate a contract that is fair and will protect your position with the preferred supplier
  • The benefit of our approach is that it reduces your risk of selecting the wrong system and maximises the return that you may expect from your IT investment

Other IT services include:

  • Project management
  • E-Business consulting
  • Security audits
  • Disaster recovery
  • Ongoing support contracts (includes web based support logging).
  • Telecommunications

If you would like any further information on these services, or any other please Contact Us.

Customer Quotes
“Silicon bullet are experts at what they do. Sage support and Act support. Plus full IT support. We have seven networked computers here all looked after by Paul. We can highly recommend both Paul and Alison for large and small projects.” Susan Waters of Impact Trading (March 2013)