I have had a few instances of clients being unable to connect to their wired/wireless network recently; and I know that Microsoft have had issues with wireless of late (which they are addressing); but I have noticed that at times a computer fails to get a valid ip address and the Windows network troubleshooting wizard is unable to fix the issue.

RESTART not shutdown
As we all know IT advice often starts with the advice to switch your PC off and back on again; but that is not always strictly correct anymore. A Windows shutdown may be performing a form of hibernation to allow for a faster boot up, and this can cause problems because as it is NOT a clean boot from fresh, it means that driver and machine states are not being cleaned down and refreshed. Sometimes a fault needs a full, proper fresh start to resolve an issue; and so it is in fact a RESTART of the PC that is needed as this forces a complete switch off and restart and all software and drivers are loaded from scratch.

Hope that helps, Paul Mead.

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