Computer and internet security is in the news a lot these days – and for good reason. And one of the areas that has had mixed press in the last few years is digital certificates and encryption. HTTPS:// Hopefully we all know that we should check for the little green locked padlock symbol in the.. read more →

29 Dec 2016
December 29, 2016

Ransomware – complacency

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According to Malwarebytes, 40 percent of businesses experienced a ransomware attack in the past year, and estimates place total losses at over $1 billion for 2016. I’m happy to report that none of our customers have been affected by this particularly nasty type of attack, but that’s not to say that we are complacent and.. read more →

We reported that a serious security flaw had been found in certain Netgear routers Netgear has now released patches, please use the Netgear link below to find out more details: Security Advisory from NETGEAR read more →

Network/Internet I have had a few instances of clients being unable to connect to their wired/wireless network recently; and I know that Microsoft have had issues with wireless of late (which they are addressing); but I have noticed that at times a computer fails to get a valid ip address and the Windows network troubleshooting.. read more →

10 Dec 2016
December 10, 2016

Netgear routers at risk

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It turns out that a couple of recent leading Netgear routers are at risk of being exploited due to a severe security flaw. Technical details here: The netgear models known to be affected are the R7000 and R6400 routers (and possibly other Netgear routers) You are strongly advised to stop using the routers until a.. read more →

As a result of the router hack attack targeting TalkTalk customers using certain routers and some PostOffice internet users too, it seems that a follow-up attack may have divulged your home wifi network name and password; potentially allowing drive by attacks in future – unless you make changes.  Talk to Silicon Bullet about your network.. read more →

It’s often called the World Wide Web or internet, but in order to connect us all together the vast array of cables that carry our internet traffic has to go undersea to reach between islands and continents. And sometimes that means that the cables are at risk of damage and Jersey has had such an.. read more →