06 Feb 2012
February 6, 2012

Sage Instant Accounts 2012

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What is Sage Instant Accounts?

Sage Instant Accounts is the UK’s most recommended accounts software. It’s simple to use with the right training, and designed to help you manage your money, including VAT, end of year accounts and invoicing and management reports, as quickly and easily as possible.

What’s new in Sage Instant Accounts 2012?

The latest version of Sage Instant Accounts is even more straightforward and easy to use, so businesses can spend more time focusing on their core business.

Here are some of the new features, and their benefits:

NEW – Lock Date

You can set a ‘lock date’, which means you’ll be warned or prevented from posting into periods where the month end has been run and accounts produced, so you are more likely to get your accounts right first time and will experience fewer date errors.

NEW – Quick Search

With the new quick search option, you have the ability to explore large data sets quickly as an alternative to building queries using the current approach. This means that you’ll save precious time and be more efficient when running simple searches from within a ledger.  This has proved very popular in Sage 50 2012 since its release last August.

NEW – Quick Print

The new quick print option means you can set default layouts and printers for your invoices, quotations, sales orders and purchase orders. This way, you’ll know they’re always using the correct layouts, and you’re freed up to use your time productively on other business matters.

EASY to upgrade

Making the move to Sage Instant Accounts 2012 is simple. You can seamlessly transfer all of your settings, favourite links and report layouts, making the whole process straightforward and ensuring you can start from where you left off.

NOTE:  You cannot install a separate copy of Sage Instant Accounts 2012 on the same PC as Sage 50 Accounts 2012. This is because Sage 50 Accounts 2012 and Sage Instant Accounts 2012 are created from the same code and, therefore, share the same version number.

For hints and tips on using Sage software, take a look at previous posts on the Silicon Bullet blog.  For new software or upgrade prices, email alison.mead@siliconbullet.com.

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