Unfortunately many consumer oriented home user routers are designed and manufactured to a low price and that also means low margins, which means that often these cheap devices are not terribly well designed with security in mind and usually with no budget for post sale improvements.

As the world get more and more connected, and the Interet of Things (IOT) means many more devices get connected to the internet, that’s a lot more devices that can be exploited for nefarious means.

Take a look at today’s security article below; ask your IT consultant to check your router and ensure that you are a) up to date and b) it is not a router with a known security flaw waiting to be exploited.

Mirai Botnet Knocks Out Deutsche Telekom Routers


Mirai Botnet Knocks Out Deutsche Telekom Routers

Photo: Herr Olsen (Flickr/CC)

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