The very popular CCleaner utility from Piriform(owned by Avast) has become a victim of a modification which means that it has been infected with malware from the vendors own site. It just shows that even relatively well trusted sources of software can become a victim of upgrade/update install hacking. If you use or have used.. read more →

Computer and internet security is in the news a lot these days – and for good reason. And one of the areas that has had mixed press in the last few years is digital certificates and encryption. HTTPS:// Hopefully we all know that we should check for the little green locked padlock symbol in the.. read more →

Continuing our security theme into the new year; we are reminding people that keeping your website platform up to date is vital. The news article detailed below shows what can happen when websites are not kept patched in a timely manner. Fortunately, as we ensure our websites and those of our clients are patched.. read more →

We reported that a serious security flaw had been found in certain Netgear routers Netgear has now released patches, please use the Netgear link below to find out more details: Security Advisory from NETGEAR read more →

10 Dec 2016
December 10, 2016

Netgear routers at risk

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It turns out that a couple of recent leading Netgear routers are at risk of being exploited due to a severe security flaw. Technical details here: The netgear models known to be affected are the R7000 and R6400 routers (and possibly other Netgear routers) You are strongly advised to stop using the routers until a.. read more →

As a result of the router hack attack targeting TalkTalk customers using certain routers and some PostOffice internet users too, it seems that a follow-up attack may have divulged your home wifi network name and password; potentially allowing drive by attacks in future – unless you make changes.  Talk to Silicon Bullet about your network.. read more →

In our post a few days ago we touched upon an internet outage at Deutsche Telecom (; well, now Talk-Talk and Post Office internet customers have felt the heat. I believe that Internet service providers and router manufacturers need to start being more proactive on behalf of its customers. Get more on the story using.. read more →

Dear Android phone user, hopefully you have played it safe and keep your phone up to date with updates, and installed apps from the curated Google App Store – “Play Store” – which should mean that you are pretty safe installing those apps (although occasionally some malicious apps can sneak through and it can be.. read more →

Unfortunately many consumer oriented home user routers are designed and manufactured to a low price and that also means low margins, which means that often these cheap devices are not terribly well designed with security in mind and usually with no budget for post sale improvements. As the world get more and more connected, and.. read more →

Another day, another security flaw; we all have to be vigilant and suspicious.     read more →