30 Sep 2018
September 30, 2018

Silicon Bullet have a new Blog

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Silicon Bullet are now using a new blogging platform, provided by Steffi Lewis of SblogIt.

In order to see our new blog you can just go to www.blog.siliconbullet.com to see the posts.

We are gradually moving posts over to the new platform, so will leave archived posts here for reference during the process of building up our new blog.

If you need a blog yourself then you can get in touch with Steffi via her website. I had got out of the habit of posting regular blog posts, and Steffi has made the process easy and her service just takes the stress out of producing my own blog posts.  My spelling and grammar is awful too, you know I am a numbers girl, so I can still do what I know and let Steffi look after our words.

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