Are you using the correct version of Instant Accounts V2011 (17)?

Watch out if you are installing the latest version of Instant Accounts; there are a couple of known issues you should be aware of to ensure you are working with the correctly updated version.

Also, if you are using the software already it is worth checking which version you are actively using.

When you first install from the CD, you might find you are working with a version which needs updating. The CD I installed was bought in April, and was version , and this is 3 updates out of date.

The problem is if you then ask Sage Instant to check for updates, no updates are found. This error is already known and logged by Sage Support. Also if you go to the Sage Accounts Downloads and Updates page only Update 3 is available for Instant Accounts, and this will not install on version 17.0312.196 – you need Updates 1 and 2 first.

The answer is install the Sage 50 Accounts 2011 updates then install the Sage Instant Accounts update 3.  Sage 50 and Instant Accounts are basically the same product behind the scenes but Instant has the extra bells and whistles turned off , hence the Sage 50 Updates will bring your software up to the correct level to allow the Sage Instant Update 3 to be installed.

You should finally end up with Version – at the time of writing, 5th November 2011, this is the most up to date version and the one you should be working with.

If you have bought Sage Instant recently then Updates 1 and 2 install automatically when you first run the software, but if your copy has been gathering dust waiting for you to have time to install it then you will need to follow the process I have described.

So – if you use Sage Instant Accounts, go to Help and About in the software and see if you are working with the most up to date version.

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