14 Jan 2013
January 14, 2013

Sage Instant Accounts 2013

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Sage Instant Accounts 2013 has now been launched. It is perfect for new and small businesses. Sage Instant Accounts is the market-leading bookkeeping package that puts you in control of everyday essentials like cash flow and VAT. It also gives you the confidence to make more informed business decisions without being too complicated and without the need to have a bookkeeping qualification.

Some of the fantastic new features that larger companies already enjoy in Sage 50 Accounts 2013 have been extended into Sage Instant with this new version.

Sage Instant Accounts 2013

Sage Instant Accounts 2013

What’s New?

 Quicker and easier to do everyday tasks

• Save time by creating quotes and invoices from your product list

• Record cash sales to speed up selling your stock

Improved VAT, month end and year end processing

• Clear and logical screens guide you through the VAT process

• Logical approach to month and year end

Easy to get set up and running

• Set up your software to match your business structure, quickly, easily and in one place

• Customise your company details

New Report Browser

• Detailed descriptions of each report, telling you what’s included

• A preview of each report so you can check that it’s the right one before you open or run it

• The ability to filter reports, so you only see the ones that you’re interested in

Easier to email your customers

• Save time, postage costs and promote quick payments by using email

• Choose your settings and layout and apply to all future email documents

• Save time, send invoices, statements and letters to your customers quickly and easily

Easier to export information to Microsoft Excel

• Export data directly, without having to spend time manipulating spreadsheets to match things up. Clear and up-to-date help when you need it

• Brand new look and feel to Sage Help – easy to find in just one click from any screen

They’ve also updated over 1,000 buttons and labels in Sage Instant Accounts 2013, removing abbreviations and making sure the words used are consistent and easy to understand.

Want to take a closer look?

If you would like to see a demonstration of Sage Instant Accounts 2013, please get in touch with Silicon Bullet. We offer competitive prices on upgrades as well as new software – and can provide refresher courses to get you up and running using all the new features.

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