10 Mar 2014
March 10, 2014

Sage Backups and Dropbox

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I quite often need to send and receive Sage backup files as part of my job.  I used to be able to easily send them via email but as Sage gets more sophisticated the backup files have got bigger and not all email systems can manage them.  Or as happened today the recipients anti spam software decided I my message was spam and the client was unsure how to whitelist the email.

So I have a dropbox account set up, where I can easily share a folder with a client using their email address, and place the folder in the cloud for them to download for themselves.

Hackett Griffey

Hackett Griffey

It is very useful too as a connection with my accountant. too At the end of my financial year I place my accounts and any other forms needed into the dropbox folder, and my wonderful accountant a few days later put all the statutory documentation in there.  I can then read through everything and just print and return the pages which need my signature.  In case you are wondering, my wonderful accountant is Jon Griffey of Hackett Griffey based in Haverhill, Suffolk.  We engaged Jon as he gave fabulous advice on IT forums we frequented  just as we were starting out.  We have never met, and only spoken on the phone once, but Jon gives us fabulous service levels and always answers questions quickly and in a way I can understand.  I would thoroughly recommend his services.

The kind of services we offer which involve transporting backups are changing the year end in Sage Instant Accounts, upgrading data from really old versions of Sage 50 into the latest version (currently Version 20 as of February 2013), or fixing data with errors and warnings, which we can do at a fraction of the cost of Sage themselves.  Please do get in touch if we can help with you any of these tasks.

A word of warning though – never backup your data straight into your dropbox file, as this does something odd to the file which means it can’t always be restored.  You need to do the backup somewhere locally, on your C: drive or Desktop, then copy and paste into the dropbox folder.

Sharing on Dropbox

Sharing on Dropbox

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