Sage have just released their latest version of Sage Payroll.  We are just downloading the software now, but to whet your appetite take a look at a couple of the new exciting features that have been developed.

Automated Payslip Module

Instead of ordering your payroll stationery by the box as and when you run out try Sage’s new monthly subscription module.  You can get your payslips printed and posted, or hosted online, at the click of a button.  Employees will be able to access their payslips whenever they wish using a mobile phone, PC or tablet.

Pensions Module – NHS Pensions

Traditionally public sector pensions run on a tiered bases.  Rather than a single deduction rate contributions percentages are decided according to the employee’s salary.  The Pensions module allows you to manage tiered pension schemes without needing to do a manual work around which can be manually time consuming and error prone.  The Pensions Module allows customers to:

  • Set up an NHS pension and support the tiered structure
  • Define and calculate pensionable pay for specific groups of employees
  • Track pensionable hours for employees both part time and full time
  • Automatically assess, maintain, and re-assess tiers for employees
  • Produce or source data to populate standard NHS reports, the  GP1 and SD55

 Find out More

Look out for more posts about the new Sage 50 Payroll once we at Silicon Bullet have sat the re accreditation exam and had a good look around the new software.

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  1. […] The new Sage 50 Payroll has two levels of updates, some come as part of the basic program, and others are separate modules which you only need to subscribe to if you need those features.  To find out about the Tiered Pensions and Automated Payslips modules take a look at my previous post about Sage 50 Payroll Version 21 . […]


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