The new Sage 50 Payroll has two levels of updates, some come as part of the basic program, and others are separate modules which you only need to subscribe to if you need those features.  To find out about the Tiered Pensions and Automated Payslips modules take a look at my previous post about Sage 50 Payroll Version 21 .

Core Updates


There have been improvements to the reporting of your payroll data . Variance reports which will highlight variances to your data when there are changes which go outside set parameters, and drill down reporting  which allows you to drill down on year to date figures and identify the causes of any discrepancies quickly and easily.  These are much like the reports you can find in Sage 50 Accounts.

Continuous updates

If you are a Sage Cover Extra and subscription customers will from now on get software updates as and when they are released through the year rather than upgrading the software just once per year.  This will mean you are always up to date with the latest possible software.  If you are interested in changing to a subscription or upgrading to Sage Cover Extra then we at Silicon Bullet can arrange that for you.

How move to Sage Payroll

If you are currently using HMRC basic tools or outsource your payroll and you are looking to bring the function in house, then Alison here at Silicon Bullet can guide you through moving to Sage 50 Payroll,  offering hand holding and support through every part of the process.  We have been Sage Accredited resellers since the accreditation process was introduced to can pull on our many years of experience to ensure a smooth changeover.

The best time to move your payroll is at the end of the tax year end (March/April) but we are able to make the change at any time.

Get in touch with us now and why not arrange a personal demonstration on how Sage 50 Payroll could work for you.

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