02 Feb 2015
February 2, 2015

Sage 50 in the Cloud


If you love your Sage 50 and have been using it for years, but need to access your accounts quickly and easily away from the office then what can you do?  Sage have Sage One, which is their Cloud based solution, but Sage One is a completely different product, and those who are used to the comfy pipe and slippers of Sage 50 may not want to change.

Sage Drive

This is where Sage’s latest development in Sage 50 2015 (Version 21) comes in, Sage Drive.  Sage Drive gives you cloud based functionality for when you are away from the office, whilst keeping the same Sage 50 you know and love for when you can be at your desk.  You can get access to your accounts any time and anywhere on a range of devices.

Sage Drive

With the  Sage Drive ‘Data Service’ manager you can keep your data stored and accessible in the cloud enabling you to :

  • Connect to your Accountant in real time
  • Connect remotely to your cloud stored data from any device with Sage 50 installed – including a remote bookkeeper or staff working from home.
  • Get an overview of your accounts payable and receivable on your mobile using the free Sage 50 Account Tracker app.
  • Allow sales reps on the move to make quicker sales using the Sage 50 Accounts Mobile Sales app.

Sage 50 Accounts 2015

You must have the latest version of Sage 50 Accounts in order to use Sage Drive.  At the time of writing this is  Sage 50 Accounts 2015.  As standard you get 1 connected accountant, (who can connect to your Sage via their Sage Client Manager software), 1 connected user (which could be your way of keeping track of the accounts from home, or could be a remote member of staff or bookkeeper) plus 25 Sage 50 Accounts Tracker Licenses.

Further remote users and Sage 50 Mobile Sales licenses can be added for an additional subscription.

Traditional or Cloud

There is now no need to change away from the Sage you are already used to.  Sage Drive gives you the Sage experience you know and love, with all the benefits of cloud accounting on the move.

For more information on Sage Drive, and for Sage upgrades or subscription options then get in touch with Alison at Silicon Bullet.

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