24 Sep 2015
September 24, 2015

Sage 50 Accounts 2016 – New Features

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Sage 50 Accounts 2016 is now released.  Sage have been listening to the feedback from customers and there are some exciting new features which I am really going to enjoy using.  Please contact Us for advice on if an upgrade is the best option for you too.  To see all the new features from 2014 to 2017 then take a look at this more recent post here.

They have moved many of the buttons and menus around, so it will be confusing to start with if you are a bookkeeper like me who needs to work in several versions with different clients, but the overall system has been made more streamlined with screen changes and customisations you make on screens being remembered when you log out and back in again.

Dialogue Changes

Dialogue Changes

In many data entry windows a new horizontal toolbar has been added to the top of the pages.  The replaces the buttons which used to be on the bottom left of the screen.

To replace the tabs along the top of the screen there is now a new navigation bar on the left of the screen.

Both these changes match the look of the main screens in the software giving a more streamlined look to the software. I know from being a Sage 50 trainer novice users of Sage often didn’t even spot the extra tabs were even there. This change should make everything more accessible.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Some people prefer to use keyboard shortcuts when doing data entry rather than keep reaching for the mouse.  The problem is remembering what those shortcuts are.  You can now display the shortcuts on screens such as the invoice entry screens by pressing the ALT key.  You can still use your mouse but this gives an extra option. To use the keyboard shortcut hold down the ALT key and press the key indicated

Visibility of Information

Many extra columns have been added to activity screens and displays in all parts of the software, far too many to mention.  I have done a previous post on customising your view in sage, so take a look at how to change your column displays again and you will see the extra information you now have access to.

The One I am most pleased about is the ability in Purchase Order Processing to see part posted invoices.  We often have split deliveries in our business which then means we have serveral invoices for one purchase order, and in Veriosn 21 and below you could not tell if an order had only been partially invoiced.  Now the Posted column will now display PART or FULL depending on the status of the order.  This is a very welcome change.

Editing Journals

There will now be a new facility to be able to edit a journal from within the Transactions area of the software.  Before you get all excited, this will only work for journals actually posted in Version 22 and above as the feature is not backwards compatible, so you will need to reverse any older journal entries in the usual ‘just post the equal and opposite journal and do it again’ method.

With journal entries entered in the new system, every journal will be allocated with a new unique BATCH ID which will enable journals to be grouped in the error correction window as other transactions are now.  You will then be able to edit any non critical information, like references and descriptions, without affecting the data at all.  If you need to make a change to the values then the system will delete the original entry and add a new corrected entry to the system.

Un-allocating Payments and Receipts

Now I’ve made this option stand out as this is by far my favourite feature so far of Sage 50 2016.  You can now unallocate receipts and credits from sales invoices and refunds, and also the equivalent transactions on the purchasing side too.  How often have you allocated a payment to the wrong invoice, then had trouble chasing the money as you can’t produce a statement with the correct outstanding invoices on it ?  It is such a headache, but no more.

There is now an Unallocate button on the Customer and Supplier Activity screens so you can remove incorrect allocations then return to Customer Receipt or Supplier Payment to match the receipts or payments to the correct transactions.  The unallocate button is also in the top Navigation Bar in the Transactions area too.

Unallocate Button

How to Upgrade

So there is a summary of the major changes which I have found useful in my new Sage 50 2016 software.  If you are not a Sage Subscriber you will need to either purchase an upgrade for your software to benefit from these new features, or you can move to subscriptions, as this will also allow you to take advantage of the new BANK FEEDS coming soon powered by Yodlee and the remote capabilities that the Sage Drive give you.  We are happy to offer no nonsense honest advice on if you need an upgrade, and we can offer refresher training and hand holding to help you get used to the new system.  Just contact us for a no obligation chat.


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