Another Sage 50 Accounts Update is currently being rolled out.  As for previous updates, if you run a multi-user system, once you have updated one machine you must then go ahead and update all machines which use the same data before you will be allowed to re-open Sage.

Before you update your Sage 50 software

Sage Update

You must close ALL Sage programs and Microsoft Excel before installing any updates: this includes ACT!

If you forget to close Excel and other Sage programs, you may get stuck in an update loop which will not allow you to open the program and also not allow you to update it.  If this happens, please follow the instructions in my prior post Sage 50 Accounts 2012 – Update 3 to access the Sage website, download the updates and install manually.

Installing the Sage 50 Service Pack

The Service Pack includes Update 1, Update 2, Update 3 and the final Update 4 all in one pack, but if you have previously installed Updates 1 to 3, the routine will recognise this and just install Update 4.

You should be left with version the latest correct version of Sage.

Problems doing the Sage 50 upgrade?

If you follow the instructions and still are not able to successfully update, you should contact the Sage Cover Support lines, or we at Silicon Bullet can offer you remote support if you do not have Sage Cover.

Please see our other blog posts about Sage Updates.

Sage Update Succesful

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