04 Dec 2015
December 4, 2015

Moving from Sage to Xero

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You can tell from my website and blog that I am a fan of Sage software.  I’ve worked with Sage for more than 20 years and I feel comfortable using and training bookkeepers to do a fabulous job using the software.  However Sage does not suit everyone, so just over a year ago I thought it was high time I moved myself right out of my comfort zone and learned a new product.

I spoke to bookkeepers and accountants locally, and chose which software I should add to my skills. I wanted a product which was easy to use for clients, reasonably priced for the small to medium sized market place, but also offered a great alternative to Sage.  I chose Xero, helped by the fact that one of my bigger bookkeeping clients also wanted to move to Xero for the cloud functionality and to assist with a paper ‘light’ office.  A fully cloud based solution sits well alongside the desktop software Sage provides.

Learning Xero

So just over a year ago in December 2015 I followed Xero’s on line training program to become Xero certified, and then quickly moved my bookkeeping client from Sage to Xero, and learned through experience backed up by training how to make the best of Xero software.

It has been a steep learning curve.  Like learning a language for the first time, you start off thinking of what you want to say in your native language, then translate to your new language before you can say anything.  I was like this with Xero.  I would think about and picture how I would achieve what I wanted in Sage, then find the Xero way of achieving the same end result.

Now after completing my first full years of books in Xero, and attending a Xero Champion Workshop in November this year, I can now speak fluent Xero!  There are so many short cuts and tools you can use to make your bookkeeping experience streamlined and reduce input errors, from attaching copies of invoices to Xero, to logging your expenses and photographing receipts on the app while you are out and about, to the bank feeds quick data entry methods.

Xero Training

So if your company is looking for a fabulous cloud bookkeeping solution, or if you are already using Xero and need to ‘tidy it up’ or learn about all the short cuts and tips and tricks I’ve learned over this last year then why not book a Xero hand holding session with me, and I can guide you through getting the best out of your Xero software.  And don’t worry if you don’t live near the Silicon Bullet offices in Northamptonshire, we can train via Skype or Google Hangouts too.

Get in touch today and you too can learn to speak fluent Xero.

Alison Xero Certified 2015 2016

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