02 Dec 2013
December 2, 2013

Go Cardless and VAT Cash Accounting

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We have just received an important notification for business users of GoCardless who use VAT Cash Accounting.

The GoCardless Sage add-on has previously created all Sales Receipts with the “T9” VAT code  If you do cash accounting, Sales Receipts created by GoCardless before November may therefore have the incorrect VAT code.

In order to correct the issue, you will need to check and correct your GoCardless Sales Receipts. For each Sales Receipt, you should:

  •  Correct the tax code
  •  Correct the tax amount
  •  Correct the net amount

If you have submitted a VAT return since you started using GoCardless, you should also check that it was submitted with the correct codes.

The GoCardless team have apologised sincerely for this error – and have been open and honest with customers trying to let them know about the problem and giving full  instructions on how to fix the issue. . The GoCardless team can assist you to fix any incorrect tax codes, or answer any questions you may have. Please phone them on 020 7183 8674 between 9am – 6pm.

So well done GoCardless for the way you have dealt with this issue.  You often only realise how good a company is by the way they deal with a mistake rather than how they act when everything is going smoothly.

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