January is finally over.  All those doing tax returns can finally breathe a sigh of relief.  That’s it for another year.  But is it? Is it really another year until you need to worry about your tax return again?

Think how not having done your tax return preyed on your mind over Christmas,  Think about how you knew all through January there was something you needed to do but you had just put it off.  Wouldn’t you like to not get those same feelings in January 2019?

Why not this year try something a little different.  Did you know you can submit your tax return anytime after 6th April, you DON’T NEED TO WAIT FOR JANUARY?  Radical I know, but it’s true.

So what do you need to do so you can submit your tax return in plenty of time so you can know what your tax bill will be, and you can prepare and save up for it?  You don’t have to pay your tax any earlier, just be prepared so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

What you need to do is be prepared and be organised, and JUST DO IT.  It’s so much easier if you keep good records as you go along running your business through the year rather than saving up all those pesky receipts and bashing them all into your accounting package or excel 9 months after your tax year has ended.  You are less likely to miss reclaiming for valid expenses, and much more likely not to forget to declare all your income. if you become a better bookkeeper for your business.

So how can I help?  I provide a Bookkeeping Boost service, where I sit with you and look at your record keeping in your business and help you put a system in place which works for you.  And how much is this service?  It’s just £100 plus VAT and can be done either in person or via Skype to get your bookkeeping organised and sorted.

So next year in January you can be like me, and not be panicking about not having done your tax return, You can relax in the knowledge you have an excellent bookkeeping system in place and you know exactly how your business is doing.


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