A link between Sales Orders and Purchase Orders seems like simple functionality, but is something which just isn’t possible with Sage 50 Professional.

Many companies don’t keep stock of the items they sell in order to keep costs down, but take orders but then have goods shipped direct to the customer from their supplier.  I had a request to allow a sales order to be taken in Sage, but then to create a purchase order from it to send to the supplier, with pertinent information automatically transferred from the sales order to the purchase order.  Creating these purchase orders manually can cause keying in errors and feels like repeating the same work twice.

The Adept Back to Back Ordering program enables you to select from a list of sales orders or sales invoices and create the purchase orders needed to satisfy the customer’s requirements.  The customer’s delivery address is carried over seamlessly and then the sales order or invoice is marked as ‘processed’, to prevent processing the same order twice.

This negates the need for manual duplication and keying in errors, and if a product is always purchased from the same supplier you can indicate this, with the default suppliers being listed on product codes.

The program works with Sage 50 Pro and Financial Controller versions 8 to 24 (2018) and costs £300 + VAT for a company-wide license. To take a look for yourself then request a free trial of the software.

With the introduction of New Sage 50, Sage are abandoning annual major releases in favour of continuous updates and a subscription licensing policy. For this reason our licences for use with New Sage 50 will need to be reactivated once a year by paying an annual upgrade fee.  This will be in the region of £30 plus VAT but could be subject to change at any time.

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