Do you use ACT! Standard 2011 or ACT! Premium 2011, and have you ever experienced the error starting “Unable to cast object of type …” when you try to customise the columns view?

ACT Error Message

This error occurs if you have included tick boxes in your view, and it means that you probably do not have the latest patch/upgrade of ACT!  This error can be removed by returning the list view to default settings, but really your software should be updated to prevent the problem occurring.

Another side effect of having tick boxes in your view is you are also unable to export the data in the window to Microsoft Excel.

If you ‘check updates’ in the software, it may say your software is up to date.  However if your version number is 13.0 then you should still check the updates section of the Sage website as there are possible other updates which you need to apply manually.  You need to have a Sage website login to check the page.  If you email us your full version number, we can check for updates for you.

If you require assistance with this or any other problems with your ACT! software then do let us know.  For more ACT! tips, take a look at my previous posts tagged with ACT!

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