I was doing the bookkeeping for a client today using Sage Instant Account 2014, and we needed to run the year end process in Sage.  Unfortunately on clicking Run Year End the sage stopped working with a not very helpful error message of “SBDDesktop.exe has stopped working” and the system closed down Sage.

On restarting Sage, you need to force the system to log out the MANAGER user in order to do a data check and then make sure there are no problems with the data, which in my case there wasn’t.  Also the year end Archive had been successfully completed, but the other year end tasks of rolling up all the profit and loss nominal codes and changing the current financial year had not been done.

Sage support reported a known issue for some installations of Sage Instant Accounts 2014 on windows 10 machines if you use the Lock Date feature in Sage.  I personally did not have the  Lock Date Setting option switched on, however i had ticked the option to switch on the lock date as part of the Year End process.

I tried untocking the prevent new transaction from being entered before the date option and the year end process ran through absolutely fine.  Problem solved!

So if you get this problem too, try not ticking the “prevent new transaction from being entered before the date” option and also make sure the lock date option in the settings menu is also switched off just while you run the year end process, once you are back processing the next year you can switch the option back on again to prevent you putting transactions through for the previous year in error.

For further hints and tips on Sage Software then take a look at the Sage Category on this website, or get in touch with Alison, our Sage expert, via the Contact Us page on this website.


6 Responses to Sage Instant crashing when running Year End in Windows 10
  1. Thank you so much, after nearly an hour with this issue I happened on your solution through a google search.

    Thank you so much.

    • We are glad that you found our website useful – please do keep in touch, and if we can help with your IT or Sage in future – please don’t hesitate contact us.

  2. Top Job!

    I followed your notes and managed to complete my year end processing!

    Thanks a lot for taking the trouble to post this.

  3. Many thanks. If you have run this once you may have to un-tick the Archive location as well as that may have already been created.

  4. I cannot thank you enough!!! I came across this while googling the same issue as I was literally tearing my hair out yesterday – thank you again.

  5. OMG, Thank you!

    After 4 attempts and no joy, one tiny un-tick and all is well. You guys are saviours!


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