19 Feb 2012
February 19, 2012

Sage Data Check – Budget is Negative

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If you are using Sage correctly,  you should be running regular Sage Data Checks each time you have been in the system doing any data entry – you are always prompted to do this check each time you close the software – and my previous post on Good Housekeeping in Sage Accounts explains why.

A common query from my clients who are in their 2nd or subsequent year of using Sage accounts is “why am I getting’ the Warning Budget is Negative’ when I do my Sage data check?”

As part of the year end routine you have the option of using your current year actual figures as budgets for your new year, and you can enter a percentage change to be applied globally to these figures at this time.  This is not an option which can be skipped.

Sage Year End Options

If you had a negative balance in one of these accounts at the end of the year, which could be perfectly valid, then the budget will also become negative for the following year.  This then results in the warning in the Sage Data Check.

If you do not use budgets and want to get rid of this warning, then you can go to the nominal ledger record for the relevant code and manually edit the budgets to zero.

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