This is the third in my series of blog posts highlighting add-on products which tackle regularly requested extra functionality to improve your Sage 50 experience. To see the other useful add ons available then take a look at the add on category on our website.

Do you ever have the problem when you run an age debtors report that there are customer accounts with a Nil Balance, but they still appear on the report?  This is due to payments or credit accounts not being allocated to one another, and will mean that if you do a clear audit trail after a year end these transactions will not be deleted.

I have a couple of clients who take Sage Pay payment in advance for products, then process the order when the products are available and produce the invoice once the goods have been despatched. This means the Receipt is entered into the accounts before the Invoice – and once the invoice is posted you have to remember go to the receive payment window and match the payment to the receipt.  This is both time consuming and easy to make a mistake.

The Adept Sage 50 Payment Allocation program will automatically match these payments for you, and also works on the purchase ledger.  There are options to match all accounts or only specified accounts; date criteria can be set, and options to ignore certain transaction types or to only process accounts with zero balances.

The program works with Sage 50 versions 8 to 24 (2018) and costs £150 + VAT for a company-wide licence. To take a look for yourself, request a free trial of the software.

With the introduction of New Sage 50, Sage are abandoning annual major releases in favour of continuous updates and a subscription licensing policy. For this reason our licences for use with New Sage 50 will need to be reactivated once a year by paying an annual upgrade fee.  This will be in the region of £30 plus VAT but could be subject to change at any time.

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