I am working on relocating my blog from our wordpress site to our new website, choosing the most popular pages first.  This post is about the most popular of the Adept Sage 50 Add-On products. To see the other posts in my Sage 50 Add On series, take a look at the Adept Add-On category on this website, or email us for a complete list.

When companies start to use Sage 50 for their accounting, they quite often already have well established routines and systems for creating customer invoices, and it is not always appropriate to change their system in order to utilise Sage’s invoice-raising tools and templates.  If this is the case, you still need to move your invoices into Sage in order to keep a complete financial record, so a direct import of these invoices is often the best option, removing the need to re-key in large quantities of data, and also reducing the chance of user error.

The Sage 50 Invoice CSV Import tool allows you to import invoices into the Sage 50 invoice module from a CSV file.  This is different from the import options that comes as standard in Sage, as these just allow transactions to be imported into the ledgers, by-passing the invoice module totally.

The column headings in the CSV file are used to define the fields into which the data can be imported,  and multi line data can be imported into the Service Text field if required.  The CSV file contents are displayed before the import takes place, along with any error messages, to help with error checking and to ensure that you end up with a clean import.  New template CSV files can be created by selecting fields from a list of available field names, to help ease the set-up process.

The program works with Sage 50 versions 8 to 24 (2018) and costs £150 + VAT for a company-wide licence. If you want to take a look for yourself, request a free trial of the software.  There is also an add on which can import Sales Orders into Sage too, you can also request a free trial of this software.

With the introduction of New Sage 50, Sage are abandoning annual major releases in favour of continuous updates and a subscription licensing policy. For this reason our licences for use with New Sage 50 will need to be reactivated once a year by paying an annual upgrade fee.  This will be in the region of £30 plus VAT but could be subject to change at any time.

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