This is another post to highlight Sage Add-On products which have proved particularly popular with Silicon Bullet’s clients.  To see the other useful add ons available then take a look at the add on category on our website.

Have you ever been in the situation where you have mis-typed a product code, or a sales or purchase ledger account code, but you have not realised until after you have saved your first transactions to the account?  You are then stuck with this incorrect code, or even if you edit transactions to move them to a new corrected code, you still can’t delete the incorrect code due to there being transactions showing on the account, even if these are deleted.

This is something I have encountered in many places where I have given Sage training, and when I take on a new bookkeeping client there can quite often be a mismatch of codes due to companies changing names, or product descriptions changing slightly, which just make the accounts look a bit messy.

The Adept  Sage 50 Product and Account Code Changer is a simple add-on which allows you to edit account codes, product codes or even fixed asset codes (although almost none of my clients seem to use this last option).  The beauty of it is that the transaction or stock history is fully retained and is moved seamlessly to the newly named code.

The Add-On  has a CSV input facility for people who want to change a large number of codes in one go. This is particularly useful for companies who, with the benefit of hindsight, have decided that they could have designed a better coding structure for their products.

The program also has a test mode (untick the Update box) which allows you to see what the program will do without actually making the changes. This mode is available in the trial as well so you can see fully what effect the changes will have before you go ahead with them.

If this add-on appeals to you then please request a free trial of the software.  It works with Sage 50 versions 8 to 24 (2018) and costs £150 plus VAT for a company wide license.

However to prevent you from asking for the trial version and making the changes you want, then not purchasing the full product, the trial version only works with the Fixed Asset codes, just giving you a taste of what the software can do!  

With the introduction of New Sage 50, Sage are abandoning annual major releases in favour of continuous updates and a subscription licensing policy. For this reason the licences for use with New Sage 50 will need to be reactivated once a year by paying an annual upgrade fee.  This will be in the region of £30 plus VAT but could be subject to change at any time.

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