January is finally over.  All those doing tax returns can finally breathe a sigh of relief.  That’s it for another year.  But is it? Is it really another year until you need to worry about your tax return again? Think how not having done your tax return preyed on your mind over Christmas,  Think about how.. read more →

A quick word of warning  – not investment advice! With the cryptocurrency craze in full swing, started by the popular Bitcoin and now many other cryptocurrencies – security is very important. How do you buy and sell your cryptocurrencies? Is the exchange or exchanges you are using well regarded and trusted? Is your Bitcoin wallet.. read more →

WPA2 – wireless encryption is flawed and open to attack. Wireless hardware and software has been through many improvements since the original 802.11b standard “Wi-fi” was launched. And some of the earlier encryption methods were found to be flawed and so WPA2 was created and released to replace the flawed older encryption; and whilst this.. read more →

Whilst the headline is partly in jest, it is also deadly serious. Downloading apps that are not from the official app store e.g. Android’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store can put you and your phone at risk of hackers and put your privacy and wealth, and extreme cases your life in jeopardy. Read the.. read more →